Design and R&D

Shunshi has a professional design and R&D team, and the existing patent technology design is at the leading level in the industry. The unique three-stage cryogenic technology is the first in the industry to be applied to the entire headset processing; the headset modular design patent can push the market positioning of high-end high-fidelity headsets to another high point; the TWS headset modular design patent properly solve the existing drawbacks of fashion headphones.

Sound understanding

As a sound team specialized in acoustic structure design, sound system tuning, and high-fidelity wire tuning, it has a unique understanding of sound. The ultimate pursuit of Shunshi tuner is to show a more real sound reproduction of the recording environment, restore the natural sound by headphones. As a high-fidelity product research and development company with conduction distortion, interference distortion, and structural design as the core, Shunshi is more good at solving the distortion problem of headphone structure, earphone conduction distortion problem, and improve the transmission ratio of earphone wire and voice coil. Let more real, natural and accurate sound show on the headphone system.

Production and processing

The person in charge of the product processing project comes from a world-renowned automotive steel plate manufacturer. He is more adept at product processing technology, quality control, and integrated production concepts, so that the product consistency, appearance and texture, durability, and safety must be guaranteed.