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Earlier this year, our first pair of high-fidelity in-ear monitors debuted in the international markets, the CatEar Mia. It has received many positive feedback ever since its release and that makes us super happy. We are glad that people are loving our products this motivates us to work harder and introduce more new products in the market. Today we are going to share with you some of the things that famous reviewers around the globe have to say for our beloved Mia.

About Us:-
We are a group of audio enthusiasts dedicated to serving the community with high-fidelity in-ear monitors and other audio gears. We have a professionally experienced team specializing in acoustic structure design, sound tuning, and audiophile-grade wire tuning. We aim to deliver high-fidelity audio gears with lifelike, detailed sound clarity.

CatEar Mia:-
The Mia is our debut IEM. It is made with our extensive research with different material types for the body and driver. It features a custom-tuned 8mm micro dynamic driver that delivers an outstanding sound clarity output. The driver unit, cable, and connectors are all treated with a three-stage -196℃ Cryogenic treatment to provide the best quality to our customers.

Reviews for our beloved Mia:-

Audiofool reviews:-
Overall, the Mia is a surprisingly mature tuning for a freshman product and suggests that most of the players involved had experience in audio long before they began Cat Ear Audio. The Mia Offers a lot for those who like a single dynamic driver in-ear and some tuning filters that let others enjoy the boom too.
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I’m impressed with how wide a soundstage that it creates despite having a good amount of bass. However, the tuning of the Mia is quite interesting, and I can understand why it would be an ideal tuning for certain genres of music. I would have wanted the drivers to have a slightly more immediate bass impact, but overall detail retrieval, imaging, and soundstage are quite impressive for the price point.
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The Cat Ear Mia has a warm bass rise with a slightly recessed mid-range and a forward-focused upper mid-range, and a relaxed and soft treble, while actually extending decently across the upper treble range. These actually have a more pleasant and warm-bodied sound signature that doesn’t have shrilling highs and thunderous muddy bass. The treble range is relaxed, mostly smooth, but actually extends nicely enough for something under $100. I found this presentation very warm and soothing, while still bringing out a decent amount of detail and quality.
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The IEM’s bodies are compact. They are made in the shape of a barrel with straight nozzles. Small diameter allows them to fit comfortably in any ears given that they can be worn both straight and over-ear way. The bodies are precisely milled aluminum of black color with red insertions. The sound is without sharp accents and tends to be slightly warm and thick. As the manufacturer says, “Experience sound of nature”. And really, they sound very natural. Warm, involving, weighty, emotional, with dominating mids, good support in the bass, and not annoying highs. Macro details and overall level of details add up to the whole picture and bring additional emotions. The headphones are very interesting, with their own vision and presentation. They pay much attention to emotions and transmit them well. This makes the great all-rounder.
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Youtube Reviews:-

iiWi Reviews:-
The pair has a slight boomy bass with a warmer tonality. Mid-frequencies have a slight emphasis on the upper mids presenting a bright signature that is pretty smooth, it is neither harsh nor sharp. The Treble portion is well-detailed and sweet sounding. For their price, they are offering a really decent sound quality output.
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MondoHiFi OZ:-
The sound of this pair is very engaging with deeply extended quality bass. The bass is the best part of the sound with an elevated mid-bass which gives a very good texture and punchy tones. Mids are slightly recessed, instruments sound lively. The level of detailing is good, instrument separation is above average with a very big soundstage. I can easily say the Mia has the widest soundstage around the 100$ price segment. The Treble portion is well-extended without any harsh peaks enabling a smooth output for long listening sessions.
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Reading such positive reviews just fuel our soul. We feel like our aim to deliver the best product is being achieved slowly. And we promise to take motivation from these positive feedbacks and keep on working harder to introduce new and updated products in the market.
Thank You.

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