Warranty Policy

Cat Ear products are covered by a warranty.

Note: The warranty is provided in addition to the rights and remedies granted to you by seller or granted to you under applicable legislation. Therefore, any remedy (e.g. rectification, claim for damages, right to terminate the contract) granted by Cat Ear or by the law applicable remain unaffected e.g., the right to claim lack of conformity within 6 months from the date of purchase.

The warranty covers all defects compared to the specification of the product in question, that may arise in the product within the below mentioned warranty period, however, with the exceptions set out below.

Unless otherwise explicitly stated in documents provided in connection with the purchase, the warranty period is 12 months for players and 6 months for cables.

The warranty period starts when the product(s) is delivered to the first end-user. This warranty does not extend to any product whose serial number has been defaced or altered, just as the warranty will cease if you make modifications in the software not authorized by Cat Ear.

The following are NOT covered by the warranty:

– Accessories and spare parts (including but not limited to cables, leather straps etc.) sold separately i.e. not bundled with a Cat Ear product.

– Defects that have been caused by wrongful use, incorrect installation, incorrect repairs/modifications, or maladjustment of the product, or neglect, including but not limited to “burn in”, overdriving of speakers and similar wrongful use.

– Defects that have been caused by lightning, fire, water, or other events of force majeure.

– Defects in consumables, (i.e. components that are expected to require regular replacement including without limitation: headphone ear-pads, loose cables etc.) or use beyond the expected lifetime of the consumable in question.

– Batteries will be covered by twelve(12)months warranty.

With the herein stated exceptions to claim under the warranty, you may contact support@catearaudio.com if a defect covered by the warranty arises in your product within the warranty period. Cat Ear will rectify the defect by, at our choice, either repairing the defective product or replacing it with a product of the same or similar type and condition.

Cat Ear products marked as being a special or a limited edition cannot be guaranteed in case of replacement to be replaced with an identical product.

The warranty does not cover the costs of consequential damage or indirect loss or any related expense of claiming under the warranty, such as loss from inability to operate the product. Products which are developed especially for use in the country in which they are sold, e.g. due to varying transmission systems and approval demands, are not covered by this warranty if defects or malfunctions are caused by the usage of the product in another country.

In order for the warranty to apply, and to claim under the warranty, you must include the original invoice(or any proof of purchase) of Cat Ear where you wish to make your warranty claim.

If the client found that product or color is not what you ordered, please help to provide a photo to include the product and tracking number written/print on paper, then, shoot an email at support@catearaudio.com to reach our customer service department within 7 days after order delivered.

For additional questions, shoot us an email at support@catearaudio.com